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Rancho Santa Fe Covenant

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant in Southern California Aerial Photo

The Rancho Santa Fe Covenant is located just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, nestled among hills, eucalyptus trees and citrus groves. The area was originally developed by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1906 to grow eucalyptus trees for railroad ties. The wood proved unsuitable, however, and the project was abandoned. Many of the three million trees remain to give Rancho Santa Fe its rustic beauty. The Ranch, as it is affectionately known by insiders, is an exclusive community of residents who strive to maintain a low profile, despite the fact that this is one of the ten wealthiest communities in the nation.


Designed by famed San Diego Architect Lillian Rice and built of adobe, the town center-piece is the graceful “Inn at Rancho Santa Fe” situated on a grassy knoll at the western end of the main street (Paseo Delicias). Restaurants and small shops line the quaint downtown, and horse trails weave throughout the rolling hills.


The Rancho Santa Fe Covenant, governed by the Rancho Santa Fe Association, was one of the first planned communities in California. The State of California recognized Rancho Santa Fe’s historical significance in 1989 by designating the community as a State Historic Landmark. Home to about 1,700 households with a total population of over 4,800, the Covenant encompasses a rough hexagon of about 6,200 acres. Most parcels range from two to four acres.


There is a strong sense of community involvement in the Covenant, from the Garden Club to the RSF Community Center. The Rancho Santa Fe schools are rated among the top public schools in the state. The charming village of Rancho Santa Fe contributes to the feeling of community, and only Covenant residents are permitted to be members of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf and Tennis Club. The Club’s championship course, long regarded as one of the premier golf venues in the western United States, sets a tone of rustic beauty and elegance for the “Covenant”.


Scott and his family have lived in the Covenant since 2002. His children graduated from the RSF schools and he is a member of both the Rancho Santa Fe Golf and Tennis Club. Appleby Family Group has specialized in selling luxury homes and ranch-style homes in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant since 1992.


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